Sunday, November 21, 2010

Acoustic Design of a Recording Studio

Building Sciences and Services project with Ammani Nair.

Again, thanks to Gaurav, Nikhil and Akshay! Sorry for all the bother.

An Architect

Part of a Theory of Design project. Profile and critique of the work and design philosophies of architects Robert Venturi and C.P. Kukreja.

This one's not really done- the portfolio list isn't even close to completion and the case study's not the best either. But since the 'design party' is on Thursday...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Tale of Two Cities: Bhopal

Like Amma said, our attempt to make it big.

Short film about our experiences in Bhopal during our class trip. NOT the final cut, there's still some work left (minor editing, improving the sound quality, correcting the title, etc). But we decided to put it up because we have no idea when all of that that will get done.

A Tale of Two Cities: Bhopal

And YES, we've called ourselves the Archifellas. Obviously, a play on A Capella. We're really proud of the soundtrack :) Wrote the lyrics, made the music (no instruments!), though the style is obviously inspired by the Madhya Pradesh tourism ads.

The Archifellas are:
Ishan Khan
Maulik Yagnik
and me :)