Friday, November 25, 2011


during the INTACH Heritage Walk through Old Delhi, 13 November, with Sohail Hashmi.

 some BRILLIANT typography:
and some old and broken violins:


Anuj and Kabilan at Sikandar Lodi's tomb, Lodi Gardens, 25/11.
Will they kill me?

At the Ghazipur phool mandi


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Then and Now, TOI

Then and Now: How TOI covered the Tata change « sans serif:

'via Blog this'

Very interesting post on how the newspaper business has evolved. Business news about the TATA chairman-change goes from page 6/7 20 years ago to front page headlines today. I really appreciate the list of reasons, though I think one important aspect that was ignored is the fact that TATA is now a much bigger player in the game.

I've said this before, but sans serif is a great site to follow (though they have a very weird url: "". Seriously?!).

Till next time!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Two short films I discovered today:
DILLI, an award winning documentary on Delhi (!) which talks about a lot of the stuff I have recently started thinking about, what with the Genda Phool Project, my dissertation and our inclusive housing project:


Hmm, which one is more awesome?

Sunday, November 20, 2011


via Lovely Package:

MORFOZE Polyhedron Soap

Such a great product + packaging design concept! A 3d contoured soap, which will, obviously, smoothen out with use.
MORFOZE is a hard soap concept, which surely will be liking to all who have had to face the principles of 3D-modelling software, designers, modellers, engineers and people who like everything unusual, everything that makes our life more interesting.
I'm probably finding this extra awesome/ amusing considering I've been on Sketchup all day. But, yay!, design prefinal has now been postponed to Wednesday. Small mercies. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Love and type, 2

Via this post at I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY:

This is brilliant! A sort-of collaborative effort which offers exercises aimed at getting people better at design, entrepreneurship and gardening. Can't wait for it to launch properly, considering that it's already got two AWESOME (one more than the other) typography tools to play with.

Kern= the spacing between two letters.

Both these games are quite simple and depend on instinct- what looks or feels right. I was, obviously, better at kerning than shaping- 89 compared to a 79 in the latter. But great fun.

Also, again via the same post:

A 'learn to kern' T-shirt! Available here.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

support structure

The last slide of a Theory of Structures presentation on steel trusses, 20/09/2011, by J.C. Wason.

Notes on Design

Good design is good will.
The genius of Paul Rand.

Intent is everything.

Currently reading: Paul Rand, by Steven Heller, 2000



Paul Rand's design for the NeXT logo, for Steve Jobs. He presented in the form of a book, which is so simple and brilliant. See Steven Heller's post on this and the book, here.

Monday, November 7, 2011


A deformable cover (1) -

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Novum 11/11 – Making Of Cover from Paperlux on Vimeo.

Such fucking brilliant awesomeness. Shit. I mean, I've made Buckminster Fuller's geodesic domes before, but the mechanized process is just awesome. I can't get over the suction thingies just sucking the paper up, around 02:42. I want to own this magazine too, just so I can play with the cover and the pretty colours.

Buckminster Fuller is the first famous famous architect I heard of, back in science class at school. I still think he's, well, somewhat superior to the other starchitects because he imagined nature before it was discovered- his geodesic dome structure is repeated in the carbon isotope named after him.

My attempt at the dome, around 2 years ago now: