Saturday, July 31, 2010


The cry of a newborn. From Latin vagire, to wail.


Most of you reading this already know me. Those who don't, well, hopefully they will, soon.

The purpose of this blog, to cut a long story short, is to pass. I'm a third year student of architecture at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. Our Theory of Settlements teacher will only grade our assignments if they are up on our blogs. So there you go. The cyberspace now has about 70 odd more bloggers, including me, and most probably, you.

Third year is scary. Barely a week's gone by, and the work's piling up. But that's not really it, we're all used to work; it's the content. Third year really needs you to put yourself out there: share your thoughts and beliefs and reasons. And I don't just mean this blog, other subjects -Architectural Design and Theory of Design, for example- require the same.

Frankly, it's scary.

Sharing yourself with friends is easy. Sharing yourself with your faculty, with people you now "know" for two years but don't really know at all, with random people who will stumble upon this blog? Not so much.

When you're talking, you can use expressions, and gestures, and when you're talking to someone who knows you, sometimes you don't need words at all. This, it requires us to put our psyche into words and sentences and paragraphs. Like I said, scary. Intimidating as shit.

But, now that I've started, I hope to really get going. I'll try to be as regular as possible, and not be as boring as possible. However, those of you know me also know that I'm great at this thing called velleity (new word, came across it while trying to find a title for this blog).

Like I said, I hope to change.


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