Friday, February 24, 2012

the typewriter

I'm not sure of the protocol here, although I'm pretty sure I'm going against it. But I just couldn't resist! On a visit to a client's flat (which needs to be renovated from a nursery school to a family home), I discovered this:

From what Google tells me, this is a version of the first commercially successful typewriter, manufactured by the American firm of E. Remington and Sons. I wasn't able to pin down the exact model from the quick  photographs I took, the quality of which you must excuse; I only had my phone and I was all too worried about the clients returning and having to give an embarrassing explanation to be able to take my time.

From a great article on Remington Portables:
The Remington portable typewriters of the twenties and thirties are a familiar sight in antique shops and flea markets across the U.S. (not to mention eBay). Many of them are charming and attractive, and there are few collectors who don't have at least one. However, it is difficult to find information about these machines. They were produced in bewildering variety, with a wide range of names and minor variations. 
And this was just lying there, abandoned! I wish I had the guts to steal it -or even ask the clients about it. Maybe I can do that the next time I see them. But, ah, if only wishes were horses...


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