Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Poor tota

Injured parrot Prashant rescued from our office lawn. And no sooner had we secured it in the box, the local mongoose -who's always running around- came out of his hiding place and started sniffing around and even climbing into the box! Nature's cruel :(

Then we had to put the box higher up, out of reach.

10 minutes after I took these photos, Mansi came back from Green Park and decided to meet the tota. She opened the box, and the parrot just flew out! Yay. I'm trying not to think about it falling somewhere else and actually being eaten up.


  1. I had an injured Eagle in my balcony once..Akshay Khurana found it outside the girls hostel gate.
    But that poor thing didn't survive long :(

    1. ya, I remember! I think I was there, maybe we were doing spiretech? I remember you feeding it raw meat!

  2. yea.. i remember!!
    it was during spiretec.