Monday, May 20, 2013

weekend workshops

Had a great time this weekend attending two workshops: The Hands On! Advanced Origami workshop and the Create Change Design Writing workshop by British Council and Kyoorius.

The Hands On Factory organizes some very interesting an engaging workshops. It's run by friends, and I'm really proud of the amazing work they're doing :) This was my first workshop with them, and I really enjoyed it. It was so satisfying, to have this end product in your hands at the end of the day, knowing that you had definitely learnt something new. Because I also wanted to attend the writing workshop the next day, I could only attend day 1 of 2. Nevertheless,  I had great fun.

We first made a modular dodecahedran.

and then an interactive fireworks.

later we made a vault, a hyperbola and a caterpillar.
The writing workshop on Sunday was a bit underwhelming. We did a couple of fun exercises in the first half, which really broke the ice between participants. The second half ended up being a sort-of group discussion, and I was a little disappointed by that because I've had many similar conversations amongst friends and it seemed like nothing new. I had fun in parts, was a little bored in parts. But I met a lot of very interesting people and that made it all worth it, I guess. I'm still very glad I went.


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