Saturday, December 24, 2011

isabgol and licences

Packaging for Sat-Isabgol, which my dad has been having since forever. I think it's brilliant! So retro. Absolutely love the typography. Notice how elements are repeated on both the English and Hindi sides, especially love the 'R' of registered. It's cardboard, and the 'trademark registered' oval is embossed. And the telephone! I don't understand the significance, but I definitely like the style and the detail. Click on the image for a zoomed in view.
Got my driving licence! Very impressed by the authority- I gave my test yesterday morning and got it today by 3.30 in the afternoon. The envelope and the licence both have "Drive only if you must: use public transport" displayed quite prominently. And, surprised to note that Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit Systems Limited is a project partner with the Transport Department.


  1. here's the reason behind the telephone, however convincing it may be...

  2. Ha, for some reason I never even thought of googling this. But so funny! Can't get over:

    "Telephone" was chosen by the company for the very reason that universally telephone is known as this word itself "Telephone".