Wednesday, December 28, 2011



Today, on the way back from the metro station, via Hauz Rani, I met a masala-waala! He sells masalas, and, unbelievably, pasta (!) on his redi/ wheel-cart. He sits in this area every Wednesday. Shit, I never even knew there were masala-waalas like him, let alone masala-aur-pasta waalas. This made my day, and even made the cycle-which-fell-on-my-foot-two-minutes-later sorta worth it.

My all-knowing brother tells me that a masalawaala isn't that rare (he's seen them around the Hauz Khas Village) and, more importantly, what I thought was pasta are actually un-fried/ dry fry-ums. You know, those snacky things that blow up when fried. Still, a weird thing to sell.

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  1. haha! I'm also surprised that you hadn't seen this ever. I've always seen them in Subzi Mandis, where there is always a certain portion near which I would start sneezing and would know the masalawallahs are sitting nearby.
    PS. related maybe, a friend of mine from the middle east tells me how in her 2nd grade, her classmate drew a supermarket shelf on being asked where the fruits grew!