Wednesday, January 11, 2012


If you live in South Delhi then you've definitely seen some of the great graffiti (ahem, vandalism?) out on the streets. NowDelhi/ Tahska has even made a pretty brilliant short film/ documentary on this:

Vandalrt from tahska on Vimeo.

From the style and signature (which I sometimes spot) I know that most of the graffiti done around my area is by Daku. It's all brilliantly coloured typography (and I mean the other meaning of brilliant, the one to do with bright and shining, complete with glinting edges); it's really good work.

There's a huge abandoned plot at the edge of my colony -used as a rubbish dump and public urinal- with a lone square very DDA-looking structure on it. I don't know what it is, but I've seen it on plenty of other huge abandoned plots- perhaps some kind of guard room, or something that hides an ancient well?

Anyways, that structure has now been vandalized. (Actually, it's been so for at least a month, and I've been planning to write this at least as long, but we'll talk about my procrastination sometime else.) This is the best graffiti work I've seen for real so far, outside of my computer screen. I mean, shit. It's just so good, the idea and, of course, the execution. Take a look:

looking up at the sky?

looking away from the rubbish?

Ankurb told me to watch Exit Through the Gift Shop (which has all type in helvetica, btw). It's a great, really, REALLY, funny movie/ documentary/ mockumentary/ prankometary/ I-don't-know-whether-it's-true-or-not; I mean, it's so ridiculous it's completely unbelievable.

Style is still my favourite.

update, May 25
Thanks to the lovely Uzi, I now know the who the artist behind the style graffiti is: Loomit (find more of his work in Delhi here).


  1. Go watch this film called 'Exit Through The Gift Shop' directed by street artist Banksy. It's an insane documentary about street art - I think you'll like it.

  2. I love the name! I like Banksy's work, most times, so hopefully I'll like the movie too. Off finding it right now.